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Vehicle Cases

Everything can change very quickly when you, or your loved one, has been injured in a vehicle accident. You may experience physical and emotional pain, incur costly medical bills and miss time at work.

You need help to tackle the complexity of vehicle accident cases such as your recovery, insurance disputes and managing medical costs. Call Robert F. Green & Associates at (321) 207.8393 today to get a free consultation on your case. Read below to learn more about our different practice areas within vehicle cases, such as automobile, motorcycle, bicycle and trucking accidents.

Automobile and Motorcycle

Motor vehicle accidents are common in Florida due to the combination of distracted drivers and unpredictable weather. Whether an automotive or motorcycle case, it takes time and patience to fight for justice for those killed or injured in an accident. Robert  F. Green & Associates carefully navigates auto-accident case complications, such as insurance coverage disputes and multiple-vehicle crashes. Learn More

Bicycle Injuries

Our firm also has experience in representing bicycle accident victims. We know how easy it is for cyclists to fall victim to a negligent car driver. Many people do not check for bicycles before changing lanes or turning, and this too often results in serious injuries to bicyclists. If you have been injured in a bicycle accident, call Robert F. Green & Associates today to make sure you get fully compensated for your injuries and damaged property. Learn More

Tractor Trailer & Trucking Accidents

At Robert F. Green & Associates, we see tractor trailer and trucking accidents every year. When professional drivers are reckless, fatigued or speeding, innocent victims can experience severe injuries, trauma and financial loss. Accidents involving tractor trailers or semi-trucks almost alway result in injuries, if not death, and finding resolution with a trucking company can be difficult. If you have been in an accident involving tractor trailers, trucks or semi-trucks, call (321) 207.8393 and speak to one of our experienced attorneys today. Learn More